Meet John

John CoderHello! My name is John Coder and I have lived in the Denver, Colorado, metro area since 1999. The notion that I would become a writer is rather odd. You see, I have a strong math background. In fact, I remember specifically telling my mother when I was a senior in high school that I would get a math degree because I would not have to write papers in that field. She just smiled at me and said, “Sure.”

Of course, after earning B.S. degrees in Mathematics and Accounting and an M.S. in Kinesiology along with a professional teaching license and principal license, I have written my share of papers and read my share of articles. My professional background includes teaching over four years in college, four years in public schools, and a dozen years in the accounting profession. In addition, I have coached women’s basketball at all levels for over twenty years, from 2nd grade through the four-year collegiate level.

During my growing years in college, I was open to all points of views. Of course, I grew up with the three networks: ABC, NBC, and CBS. Only late in my high school years was CNN included in the news networks. In the 1990s, Fox News joined the group. When I wasn’t listening to music on the radio or going to college parties (I mean, it is college, after all), I listened to CNN and Fox News on the TV while listening to boring talk radio at other times. It wasn’t long until I latched onto Rush Limbaugh. He was so arrogant (and still is) but he seemed to be right most of the time. Amazing!

Now with newer news networks like MSNBC and CSPAN (really a political network), there are even more choices. I had noticed that each year there was a chasm developing between Fox News and CNN/MSNBC viewers. This seems strange considering all Americans celebrate the same freedoms granted by our founding fathers. Without the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we have no freedom.

This may be surprising to some of you, but I am not a registered Republican or Democrat. However, I do lean to the conservative side but I have the American right to have independent thoughts. Some of the talk shows I currently listen to include Sean Hannity, Bill O’Rielly, Megyn Kelly, and Glenn Beck. I have attempted to listen to talk shows from the other end of the spectrum, but usually can only handle ten minutes before I get this incredible migraine which miraculously goes away when I switch shows.

I look forward to providing you, the readers, with opinions based upon fact from opposing views so that you may make an educated decision about the world around you.


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