Commercial Fetal Tissue vs. Waterboarding Torture

Waterboarding is tactic designed to simulate the drowning of a person without the actual drowning occurring. Waterboarding causes the person to feel all of the effects of drowning as water is inhaled through the nose and mouth and into the sinuses, pharynx, larynx, and trachea lungs. The Democrats and the mainstream liberal media had impressed upon the public that this is inhumane torture. Disregard the countless lives that were saved with the information obtained from such practices. Disregard the number of terrorists that were apprehended from such practices. Disregard the fact that no one died from waterboarding. Disregard the fact that no body part was physically removed from waterboarding.

According to the Democrats and the mainstream liberal media, waterboarding and all other forms of torture must be banned.

Planned Parenthood is an organization that prides itself on providing health care to women. They are funded three ways: privately, publicly with tax dollars, and commercial transactions. These commercial transactions have become the most recent attack placed upon Planned Parenthood. Several videos have surfaced that provide horrific and detailed descriptions of how fetal tissue (otherwise, known as healthy babies) are forcibly removed from a woman’s body, destroyed, and in some cases even dissected into body parts to be sold to commercial businesses. These videos are extremely disturbing and disregards life even after some are accidentally born. One video even describes procedures on what to do when the specimen is extracted fully intact. In other words, it was born; it was breathing; it was a human life.

According to the Democrats and the mainstream liberal media, fetal tissue for sale is an acceptable right to advance medical research.

It is in my opinion, that the ethical line between what is life and what is lifeless tissue has been crossed. I understand the argument to advance science. I understand the needs that women have to obtain a safe treatment before and after an abortion. But there are other options. A fetus is not a disease. A fetus is not a virus. A fetus can not be treated with a pill.

The Republicans have pushed to remove government funding for Planned Parenthood, while the Democrats and mainstream liberal media have cried foul saying that the Republicans are anti-women and want to push women back into the 1950s.

No, the Republicans are wanting to cut federal funding. They are not attempting in any way to close down Planned Parenthood. Republicans and those Americans with a conscience.wish not to fund Planned Parenthood with tax dollars. Planned Parenthood would survive from its private donors and payments received from its customers. There are other clinics that can assist women with birth control, family counseling, and adoption options. Even if Planned Parenthood were to simply disappear, women would still have many options. Women must overt their eyes from the fears that are presented by the Democrats and mainstream liberal media and think for themselves instead of giving in to the rhetoric. Do your own research before you contact Planned Parenthood. It would be the best decision you make.

While the growing list of disturbing Planned Parenthood videos are not linked directly with this article, please, search online under the following in YouTube and view (at your discretion) each video in full length where nothing is edited.

          planned parenthood undercover videos full length

 Article by John Coder

Posted August 6, 2015


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