Thinking of you, Jesus

Dear Jesus,

I am so thankful for all that you have provided to me and my family and those around me. You have blessed me with so many gifts that I have taken for granted. You have provided my family with a home, even though it seems like we have been spending so much money fixing it up as of late. You have provided my family with two vehicles, even though we catch our breath over the thought of one of them no longer functioning in the near future. You have provided my family with tremendous health, although we continue to worry what would happen if any of us would become deathly ill. You have provided my family with employment, although we wonder what would happen if my wife or I were to lose our employment in this poor economy. You have provided my family with caring friends and family, although we can’t find enough time in our “busy” schedules to spend with them.

While I give thanks, I also ask for guidance. Wherever life leads me and wherever I travel, I humbly attempt to spread Your name to others either through my actions or through my faith in You. I know that I don’t do enough, I don’t give enough, I don’t teach enough, I don’t love enough, I don’t live enough. Again, I ask for Your guidance on how I ought to live my life.

My current employment requires me to drive an hour each way from home to work, two hours I would rather spend with my family, my friends, or with You. During many times in the past ten years, I have felt Your grace fall upon me, telling me that all is well and to simply rely upon you. Now that I have finally allowed You into my life, either by reading Your Word in the Bible or by speaking with You, I now find myself at another dilemma. A far greater dilemma.

And, it goes far beyond me. There is so much hatred in the world, so much division, so much skepticism. The world needs a leader, the world needs You. The world is becoming so politically correct that many, billions, are afraid to mention your name in fear of retaliation, in fear of suffering, in fear of death. While other religions preach peace, extreme hatred is being taught by scholars and leaders of those religions. But, Jesus, You are the one true Prince of Peace. You are the Savior of our Age. Your world needs You.

I know how ironic this may sound to You. After all, Your day is approaching – the day of Your birth – the day that You should receive gifts. But, we need You, Jesus, more than ever. The world is out of control. People are hurting people. People are living in ways that contradict your teachings.

I wanted to know that I am thinking of you Jesus and I am not alone. Billions will acknowledge You and celebrate Your birth on Christmas Day, December 25. While many will celebrate, there will be those who will scoff and scorn at the thought of such a “pagan holiday”. Jesus, please, knock the scales from the eyes of skeptics,  speak to them, and use them for Your own greater purpose.

Happy Birthday, Jesus.

Article by John Coder

Posted December 19, 2014


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