Racism Spread Through Ignorance

GRAND-JURY-Sign11Unless you have completely isolated yourself from current events, you have certainly heard about two recent Grand Jury decisions to not indict Darren Wilson (who shot Michael Brown) and Daniel Pantaleo (who was one of several officers who brought down Eric Garner).

While both incidents resulted in tragic deaths, the cause of each incident is quite different. It was quite true that Michael Brown was confrontational as described by reliable witnesses who testified in front of the Grand Jury. According to the transcripts reported by the media, Brown attempted to take possession of Officer Wilson’s gun by force which can’t be tolerated. Nothing good results from forcibly attempting to take a gun from an officer. While it was supported by witnesses that Brown did not have his arms raised and did not say, “Hands up! Don’t shoot!”, there are many members of professional protesters and pop culture media who continued to support this fictitious event. Through these falsities, ignorance on racism was spread.

The incident involving Eric Garner was also tragic, but it was a different set of circumstances. Garner, who had been arrested repeatedly, understood what was expected of him during this event. Garner was previously arrested over 30 times for minor, yet arrestable, offenses. This time Garner verbally informed the officers that he refused to be arrested by declaration and also by pulling his arms away from those who were attempting to handcuff him. Unfortunately, the officers over reacted and chose to jump on top of and bring Garner down upon his stomach to forcefully handcuff him. While on the ground, Garner was heard saying repeatedly that he could not breathe. So, obviously he could breathe or he wouldn’t be able to speak. Similarly, if a person is choking, a rescuer is required to ask the person choking whether assistance is needed. If that person is able to speak, then the person is able to breathe and no Heimlich Maneuver can be performed. As a result of the action performed by the police in the Garner incident, along with being overweight with a weak heart and having asthma, Garner had difficulty breathing and later died in an ambulance en route to a local hospital. The officers involved were placed in a difficult situation – they must enforce a law that prohibited selling individual cigarettes, which required an arrest,  and were told by the law-breaker that he would not comply with an arrest.

Now the media, including the President of the United States, claim that America is a nation of racists because both officers were not indicted by the Grand Jury. Since these officers, who happened to be white and while both victims were black, were not indicted, the Attorney General declared that both Grand Jury incidents must be investigated. Note that both the President and the Attorney General are also black. So, who are the racists here? The Grand Jury who is made up of a large collection of individuals of differing races and backgrounds selected by a lawful process? Or those individuals who are mostly black and have an agenda to pursue? An agenda content upon fragmenting our nation upon carefully selected issues.

In my opinion, America is not full of racists. While it is true that there are racists of all colors and ethnic backgrounds, the overwhelming majority of Americans are not racist. This can be applied to those of Muslim and Islamic faith as well. However, those with visible differences does not mean that they hold different values on the inside. We are made differently in the eyes of God for a reason; however, we must use those differences to make us strong and united rather than become weak and divided. Let’s hold hands America and stand against those who wish to tear us apart. Wouldn’t you agree to that Mr. President?

Article by John Coder

Posted December 8, 2014


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