May I See Your Identification Please?

Oh, I remember the days when I turned 14 years old, when I was brought to the Department of Motor Vehicles and received my driving permit. It was a glorious day! Now I was able to learn to drive my mother’s 15-passenger van, aka scare my mother to death as she held on for dear life. We lived in the country, five miles outside of Muscatine, Iowa. I don’t know about your experience on driving on gravelled roads (yes, they had roads paved with rock as crazy as it sounds back then), but I gently pressed on the gas pedal and the tires just spun, throwing gravel for hundreds of feet behind me. My mother gently reminded me not to give it too much gas. You think?

My driver’s permit was my first picture identification. My driver’s permit allowed me the privilege to learn how to drive. Later in high school, I was required to have possession of a student identification card so that I could attend athletic events and receive discounts at local businesses. Oh, and I also got my official driver’s license when I turned 16 years old.

Now, federal judges are dictating to the its states that voters can’t be required to show a valid identification card before casting a ballot for the national and local elections. One of the most vocal states in favor of required voter identification is Texas. In a stunning decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Texas will actually be allowed to require identification in order to vote on Election Day, 2014. According to, only fifteen states require Photo ID for in-person voting. Amazingly, only one party is pushing for national identification requirements for voting…the Republicans. And the party that is pushing against a national voting deification law is…the Democrats. The Democratic Party seems to think that it would be unreasonable to require a picture identification card of any kind in order to vote. The Democrats believe it would be unfair and an economic restraint to minorities if a photo ID card was required when voting.

Meanwhile, picture identification is required to gain lawful employment in the United States of America. I suppose there are some people who refuse to become employable. If you don’t have a picture ID card, you can’t get a job and pay taxes, including unemployment tax.

Without a driver’s license, one can’t operate any type of motorized vehicle. This includes an automobile, motorcycle, and even a moped. So, those who do not have a license to operate a motorized vehicle would not be allowed to drive. But, walking and riding a bicycle is a simple means of travel and you can become more healthy in the process!

Without a picture identification card, one can’t rent an apartment, apply for a home mortgage, or own any taxable property. I suppose these poor souls must still be living in their mother’s basement.

Without a picture identification card, one can’t hold a library card. Affected persons would be required to read books of choice within the walls of the library. How awful!

Without a picture identification card, one can’t purchase any type of alcohol or cigarettes. Oh no!!! No beer and cigarettes!!!

Without a picture identification card, one can’t go to a bar or night club. It is against federal law for a minor to be located within an establishment that serves alcohol. You must prove your age. Oh, think back to the days when fake ID cards were in high demand.

Without a picture identification card, one can’t purchase an airline, train, or boat ticket for travel. These individuals must only be able to travel by foot since they can’t operate a motorized vehicle. Perhaps they can walk or ride their bicycle everywhere.

Without a picture identification card, one can’t make a purchase by writing a check. In fact, a picture identification card is required in order to establish a banking account. Cash only I guess.

Picture identification cards are issued to the majority of elementary, middle, and high school students within the United States of America. So, these individuals must not have attended public or private schools in the US?

Picture identification cards are also required to receive food stamps and unemployment benefits. These unemployed citizens must be living at home with their mother or are homeless. If homeless, no benefits can be received without picture identification, either.

Picture Identification cards are also required to receive a visa or green card for foreign-born visitors to the United States.

So, truly, how many American citizens do not hold a picture identification card…namely a driver’s license? I would ascertain that an extreme minimum of citizens do not hold a picture identification card of some sort. Yet, to this date, the Democratic Party and its appointed federal judges are forcing upon the states not to require picture identification upon its legal citizens of the US in order to vote on Election Day.

And, this is absolutely absurd. Why are the Democratic leaders against requiring voter identification? Why are millions of illegal aliens crossing out unprotected southern border? If you put two and two together, you can see the potential for successful voter fraud and the further destabilization of our nation’s identity. Pun intended!

Article by John Coder

Posted October 27, 2014


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