Ebola, Enterovirus, and the Upcoming Flu Season

Like most of America, I have been closely watching the outbreak of Ebola in Africa and in the USA. I have been extremely frustrated with the incompetence shown by the Obama Administration and the Center of Disease and Control. What a joke! It really makes me wonder who is in charge of our nation because our President seems to distance himself from the major areas of concern. Many uninformed voters seem to think President Obama isn’t responsible for many of the problems that exist. Unfortunately, he is ultimately responsible. He is the President.

It has been truly frightening to learn of the onset of Ebola in Dallas, Texas. It was very sad when Thomas Eric Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola and eventually passed. However, I was extremely shocked when I learned that only a week after his death that two hospital workers were in the news. The first, a nurse chose to fly to Cleveland and back to Dallas and then showed symptoms of Ebola. The second, a lab technician chose to take a Carnival cruise. This just sounds like a bad joke. These trained professionals intimately treat an infected Ebola patient who dies and they decide to potentially expose the general population. These are trained professionals and exposed incredible risk to the public. And then, the U.S. continued to refuse to prevent air traffic from the Ebola-infected countries, namely Liberia, claiming that it was impossible to do so and would likely cause the spread of Ebola to be much worse. I believe a passport is all the documentation you need to prevent the spread of disease into our borders – something that existing immigration law directs. Something that our President chooses not to enforce.

While the Ebola scare has taken America by storm, another virus has been overlooked: enterovirus. This virus has received very little attention with the national media. Only local media is giving major air-time to this disease. Sadly, a five-month old recently passed away due to enterovirus. According to a recent article by CNN, the virus has been spread to nearly 600 children nationwide, much more extensive than Ebola. Although it had been suggested that there is a correlation with enterovirus and the shipment of illegal immigration of children across the nation, there has been very little news coverage to substantiate this finding. However, I find this an interesting possibility. As far as I know, these illegal immigrant children have not been properly vaccinated.

So, now we approach the flu season. Are the hospitals prepared? Ebola has flu-like symptoms. Enterovirus has flu-like symptoms. To be honest, if I become feverish, I would not be in a hurry to visit the local hospital. I may be exposing myself to worse diseases than a common flu. And the flu shot? The last time I had the flu shot, I was sick in bed for an entire week. No thank you. I will just take my chances at home.

Hospitals must be prepared for the worse and perform additional medical tests to better triage between Ebola, enterovirus, and the common flu. These three viruses all have the same initial symptoms. These extra tests will not be free. Someone will be required to pay for these medical exams. This is where the Affordable Care Act (ACA) comes into play. Supposedly, the ACA would result in better health care for everyone, but who is going to pay for this service? Who is going to pay the medical exams for children and adults who are not U.S. citizens? The hospitals can’t simply turn them away. That would be unethical and, otherwise, illegal. A major outbreak of the common flu could result in costing taxpayers billions of dollars in possible unnecessary medical testing.

Instead of requiring everyone to have governmental insurance, perhaps the insurance companies ought to have been required to offer simpler insurance to those with limited means for a lesser fee. Health care is quite expensive and requiring everyone within our borders, U.S. citizens and illegal immigrants, to have the same health care coverage is impractical. I would strongly recommend the next Congress scrap the ACA, create a new health care law that requires health insurance companies to offer insurance to the at-risk population, and remove itself from the health care industry altogether.

Article by John Coder

Posted October 20, 2014


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