Facial Piercings in the Job Market

Suppose you are the owner of a steak restaurant and begin interviewing for a floor manager. The floor manager will be responsible for hiring wait staff, cleaning staff, and host staff. The floor manager selection will determine the basis for great customer service, repeat customers, and increased business. If both candidates have degrees in business management, have two years of serving experience, and are the same age, which would you hire? This is not a trick question. Remember that the candidates have the same education and work experience.

Choice A





Choice B

Now, suppose you are the director of a medical nursing staff at a local clinic. Again, the education background and professional experience is identical. Which candidate would you likely hire?

Choice A

Choice B

And finally, your final decision. You are a manager at a hamburger restaurant. Which high school student would you rather serve your repeat customers? Neither has much experience.

Choice A

Lip Septum and  Bridge Piercing

Choice B

I frequently visit a national ice cream chain restaurant and was floored when the ice cream server was a male with half-inch circle earrings in both ears, a circular nose ring and two lip rings. I try not to be judgmental so I didn’t say anything offensive. Instead, I was my typical charming self and made small talk with him as he created my ice cream creation. The presentation and taste of the product was above average. However, my main thought was: How did he ever get this job? Was this the only job he could get? I would be shocked if he progressed in a serious career looking like he did.

My impression of the current high school and college generation is that appearance should not be factor in the job market. This is very true. Education, job experience, and dependability ought to be the major factors. However, in a very difficult job market where there are over fifty candidates that are equally qualified, appearances may be the deciding factor in most cases.

This generation must decide whether they want to create a memorable mental image or an impressionable image. The image that one from this generation pursues will determine the depth of their professional success.

Article by John Coder

Posted August 8, 2014


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