Why is U.S. Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi in a Mexican Prison?

On the night of March 31, 2014, Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi was arrested by Mexican authorities after unintentionally crossing the national border at San Ysidro, Calif., Port of Entry. He had recently moved to the San Diego area to receive treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after completing two calls of duty in Afghanistan. During that fateful evening, Tahmooressi mistakenly took a wrong turn and found himself heading down a road that led him into Mexico. Within his car, he had virtually everything he owned as he was living out of his car, including three registered guns (a rifle (AR-15), a .45 cal pistol and a 12 gauge pump shotgun) which were each legal in the United States. Unfortunately, it is a crime to transport guns into and out of Mexico.

Once he realized that he had done something wrong, he dialed 911. His immediate concern was not for himself but that he would lose possession of his guns since he crossed the border. After learning of his location, the 911 operator explained that the United States would not be able to provide police assistance since he was no longer in the U.S.

Without offering much resistance, Tahmooressi was arrested and placed in a maximum prison. Hours later, he phoned his mother and told her that he was in Mexico, was arrested, and didn’t think he would survive through the night since his cell mates were very bad people. He also warned his mother not to get involved or her life could be threatened as well. The next morning, he phoned his mother and updated her on his conditions. He had escaped the cell but was still in the prison.

Months later, Tahmooressi remains in a Mexican prison and has now employed his third attorney. The first required a $10,000 retainer fee and the second required a prepayment of $10,000. Neither attorney would properly represent Tahmooressi with true facts. Now, he has exhausted all of his funds saved from his military service yet remains in prison.

Meanwhile, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have virtually done nothing to assist and have rarely mentioned the situation during the many public speeches. Clearly, a simple mistake was made, yet this veteran who was receiving treatment for PTSD is still being held in prison. Why are our leaders not standing up for a soldier who risked his life to defend the freedom of the United States and those who suffer in Afghanistan?

This soldier, our soldier, needs America’s help. Clearly, the Obama Administration is doing nothing about this. The media is rarely mentioning this tragedy. He health is fading away into the sunset unless our President takes action. But what can the President do? He can’t even maintain the border with Mexico. tens of thousands of illegal aliens are crossing our border without an end in sight and Obama chooses not to even visit the border while fund-raising in Texas. That is amazing! There is a serious crisis happening right under our noses.

Please, read the following links to articles and learn about this incident from various perspectives from the following news organizations. According to the Media Research Center, ABC, CBS, and NBC have been reluctant to provide any information to its viewers. Keep in mind of the political slant by these media. Tahmooressi never attempted to hide his weapons and he was fearful of losing them. He never imagined that he would have been arrested and treated as he has been. His health is deteriorating due to his diagnosed PTSD in addition to the stress of the ordeal.

The Blaze



NBC (Local)

Please, do what you must to free a war hero who has fought for many he hasn’t known. Now is our chance to return the favor any way possible. I am doing my part to educate my readers on what has happened. What are you going to do to free our American soldier?

Article by John Coder

Posted July 25, 2014


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