What is Going on at the Border?

On July 15, 2014 according to Harry Reid, the United States border with Mexico is secure. This may be hard to believe after what we have heard in the news. There are so many news stories, too numerous to link, that describe MS-13 gang members and other pleasant potentially law-abiding citizens of Central America who are somehow successfully traveling nearly 1,300 miles from Guatemala to McAllen, Texas. One article was written by the Washington Free Beacon. Of course, these wonderful individuals are also showing up in Arizona and California which are even urther away. Ironically, it strikes me as odd why there aren’t as many reports of illegals appearing in New Mexico.

So, I read an article reported from AP News and I noted that there are parents bringing their children and other unrelated children across the border. I am confused. If we have a secure border with Mexico along Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, then how are these people crossing onto American soil? There are pictures of these people traveling by foot in the middle of the night, traveling aboard (and when I say aboard I mean on top of) trains, and even getting transport across the Rio Grande by jet skis. Once upon US soil, they quickly turn themselves in to any authority they can find. They were instructed by organizers that if they were detained in America, there would be an increased chance that they would be allowed to stay. Clearly, they appear to have been trained on what to do.

I am not an expert in security but it sure doesn’t look like the border is very secure. So, is Harry Reid lying or is he just out of touch with reality? Is it legal to cross the border of any nation without approval? Of course not. Therefore, I will proceed by calling these people what they should be called…illegals. And as an illegal, you have no rights. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Stupidity is not a legal defense. All illegals ought to be returned to their country of citizenry and follow the immigration laws which have been in place since the founding of our nation.

In 2008, President George Bush signed a law which was passed by the Democratic Senate and Democratic House of Representatives that allowed refuge status for victims of human trafficking according to the Williams Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008. Upon closer examination of this law, it expired in 2011. That was three years ago. As always, President Barrack Obama puts the blame on George Bush but this law is no longer in effect.

This law, which again expired three years ago (I am shaking my head in amazement), provides details on what is to be done when combatting international trafficking of persons, offering assistance to trafficking victims, and reporting documented findings to Congress.

But that is not all that is crossing our southern border with Mexico. Diseases, drug cartels, and gun smuggling are also on the rise. As a common phrase goes, “Watch the other hand.” The media is so focused upon the women and children massively crossing our border in waves; they are still criminals. The really bad people are also crossing: radical Islamists, jihadists, drug cartels, and gang members. It is obvious that something must be done to protect our LEGAL citizens against the ILLEGALS entering our nation and disrupting commerce of LEGAL citizens. I always understood that this nation was founded on religion and law. Well, enforce the law and secure our border, Mr. President.

Disease is also crossing our border. As reported by a local New Mexico KRQE news network, scabies, chicken pox, tuberculosis, and other diseases are being reported. Lice are so prevalent that they can be seen jumping from one child to another. But the reporter states that “immigration officials claim ther’e nothing to worry about.” Why on earth should Americans worry about diseases entering our population? I mean this is the same government that protects our border, left four Americans for dead in Benghazi, tracks conversations and Internet usage from everyone in America (including German Chancellor Angela Merkel), and even loses Lois Lerner’s emails regarding using the IRS to block applications by Tea Party Non-Profit organizations (no one in America believes they were randomly lost).

And these are the illegals that are being checked out at our border. Who know how many of these diseases are being transmitted across our nation? This is an epidemic that should have been prevented from ever happening if the border was truly secured. Arizona attempted to protect its borders, but was sued by the Federal Government because only the government has the authority to protect the nation’s borders. Well, then do your job!

On July 16, 2014, even Josh Earnest refused to answer a simple yes / no question: Is the border with Mexico secure? Nevermind how many resources have been sent to the border or that the Senate had passed legislature that the House has not, is the border secure now?

It has been six years since President Barrack Obama has been in office; it isn’t Bush’s fault any more. Previous laws have been passed that required the border be secured. Additional legislature and additional funding is not at issue. Once the border is truly secure with the National Guard, for instance, then the illegals can be located and returned to their nation of citizenry. It is impossible for the United States of America to either be the world’s police force nor provide security, healthcare, and housing for all of the needy of the world.

Article by John Coder

Posted July 18, 2014



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